PNG tribe encounters white man for the very first time [VIDEO]

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UPDATE (July 7, 2011): The video does appear to be fake, or at least elements of it are not completely authentic. I posted a follow up titled PNG tribe meets white man video a fake. Or is it? For some discussion on this controversial topic, have a read and post your comments there.

This is unreal. Footage from 1976 of a tribe in Papua New Guinea meeting a white man for the very first time. I wonder what was going through their minds as he picked up his camera and started taking some photos of them. They seemed to hesitate quite a bit before continuing on.

They clearly don’t know what to do when he extends his hand, and he doesn’t know what to do either. You can imagine how, in a situation like this, the white man would seem like a god or some magical person, with his matches and technology. At one point he records their voices and plays it back and the adult tribe member quickly gets up and backs away, obviously freaked out by it.

The irony of using a soundtrack of remixed Native American chants entitled “Wishes Of Happiness And Prosperity” is too rich not to mention…


* Feature photo: tarotastic

Watch the video: Germany meets Papua Neuguinea. Galileo. ProSieben

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