Joey Ramone and his mom on Geraldo “metal” episode [VID]

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This is one episode of Geraldo that’s worth a look.

I can’t figure out when it aired, but I can’t get over how cute Joey Ramone is with his mom.

Mysteries endure – mysteries that go deeper than the location of Al Capone’s vault. For instance, what the hell is Joey Ramone doing on an episode of Geraldo, period, much less one about metal?

The bookers really show their lack of rock smarts by scheduling Joey Ramone and the drummer of arguably awesome (but completely unrelated) band Jethro Tull with the likes of lead singer Joe Lesté from Bang Tango, Kristy “Crash” Majors of Pretty Boy Floyd, the drummer from Danger Danger (introduced only as “Steve”), and a guy named “Bingo” Butler from a band called “Mama Volume.” It could just as easily have been called “Never Weres and Soon-to-Be Has-Beens With a couple A-1 Rockers and Their Moms.”

One of my favorite parts is about the 2:20 point when Geraldo talks about being dragged to a Ramones show at CBGB’s by his brother. His mix of condescension and obsequiousness is the epitome of Geraldo, the man who rode the wave of Latino popularity in the late ’80s by changing his name from Jerry Rivers, and whose grand failure at digging up the bones of Al Capone dragged his allotted 15 minutes out a few more decades.

If you want to skip past all the spectacular miscategorization and choice phrases such as, “You are looking at what’s been called the scourge of the American pop scene!” and “Danger Danger, you should know, has been cited by the Parents Music Resource Center for sexually offensive lyrics,” then be my guest. If you’re more mature than I am, I salute you.

I find this entire video endlessly amusing. From the flashes in the eyes of some of the moms as their sons are publicly maligned, to the total ignorance of Geraldo himself, to the inexplicable lineup, I’m captivated.

But I can’t remember the last time anything made me smile as hard as looking at Charlotte Lesher, mother of Joey Ramone, as she sings “Beat on the Brat” and “I Wanna Be Sedated” while Joey Ramone grins at her side. So Geraldo was good for something after all.

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